Welcome to the

14. Rostocker Steppenbrand


from 13 to 15 July 2018


Hello dear prospective customers at the Steppenbrand.

Unfortunately we have to tell you, the Steppenbrand 2018is fully booked.

Since we do not want to make the meeting infinite, we havelast year decided to limit the number of participants.This number has reached.
This is also the wish of our guests for a family characterof the meeting. In addition, we arrive at an even larger number of participantsthe organizational and technical boundaries of our team and infrastructure (sanitary facilities, catering). Unfortunately we have to switch off the waiting list,because we have a lot of inquiries about this list, and so do wesee no chance to consider other participants.

We ask for your understanding for this action.

 You want to ...

 meet friends from all over the Europe?

 You want to ...

 change your home for a tent?

 You want to ...

 chat, cuddle and dream near campfire with a good german beer in your hands?

 You want to ...

 visit again the beautiful Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?

 And you want again to ...

 freely enjoy your fetish site with bunch of likeminded friends?


We look forward to you. 



 a big thx to marc from pig-prod for using of this picture



Registrations for the 15th Steppenbrand starting in January 2019.

Here you can download our (updated) banner as a pdf or a jpg file (soon)